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SATs: Second SATurdays

After last summer’s popular pilot, we are thrilled to announce an online format for our monthly 90-minute SAT practice sessions.

Sessions will take place every second Saturday of the month during the academic year, beginning September 2020 until May 2021. To participate, please use the sign-up form below.

One of our tutors will begin each session by providing students with abridged SAT material. This material will alternate each month between half of a Reading section and a full Writing section. After 35 minutes of testing, students will submit their answers, and the tutor will go over the most missed questions in the time allotted.

This class is open to any student.

We will strive to create a welcoming environment for beginners, who want to gain familiarity with the test in smaller doses or who are curious about the difference between the ACT and SAT.  The material will also be varied and challenging enough for seasoned test takers who want to stay in shape for an upcoming test date.

If you’re concerned, just ask:

  • Are you comfortable asking questions in a small-group setting?
  • Are you comfortable in a group whose experience level with the SAT varies?
These short sessions are a good fit for students who cannot commit to regular lessons, former students who still need to brush up on their skills, or current students who need to spend their one-to-one lessons addressing more fundamental reading and grammar skills. Materials from each session will be available to all tutors, so current students can always bring their unanswered questions to their individual tutors.

You will be provided with the SAT materials at the start of the class. Registered students will also receive the Zoom URL with their confirmation email two days prior to the class.

To prepare, we recommend that you simply restart your computer and log into the Zoom Room ten minutes prior to the session. (Phones and tablets are not recommended for these sessions.)

If you would like to have water or coffee handy, please do. And as long as they do not present an auditory or visual distraction to the rest of the group, snacks are welcome as well.

Absolutely! We want our current students to use these sessions to enrich their current tutoring experience.

If you are a current student interested in attending one or more of these sessions, please send an email to the front office with your name and tutor’s name. We will send you a unique coupon code, good for as many sessions as you’d like to attend while you are enrolled in one-to-one tutoring. This code will allow you to sign up for any SAT Saturday for $15, rather than the currently listed price—even if you are the only student attending that session.

Sign up today!

Use the form below to reserve your spot.

Each class will appear 45 days in advance, and registration will close 2 days prior.

To use a class as a make-up lesson, or to inquire about last-minute registration, please send an email to







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