About Us

Our Guiding Beliefs

Fresh Slate Tutoring is comprised of tutors who love teaching and want an avenue to work with students of all ages and abilities. Our staff and faculty work to translate these beliefs into our teaching and business practices.

Each student

is an individual, with unique gifts and struggles.
One-to-one tutoring lets us assess and understand each student who comes to us for guidance or enrichment.


requires the learner to participate actively.
We emphasize practice. Within months, our students begin correcting themselves while reading aloud or editing their writing.


requires two ingredients: regular practice and patience.
The vast majority of our students stay with their tutors all through high school, learning skills not to merely survive in college but to thrive there.

The mind

is not a vessel that needs filling...
"... but wood that needs igniting."

― Plutarch ―
“On Listening”

Being inquisitive

is a sign of critical thinking.
We provide students with incentives for asking questions of substance.
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A student

deserves a knowledgeable teacher.
Before getting hired, all tutors undergo a test of skills and peer interview. They also receive between 30 and 40 hours of training before receiving their first student.
I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I've eaten...
"Even so, they have made me."
― Ralph Waldo Emerson ―

A student

deserves a dedicated, experienced teacher.
Our tutors stay with us for years, and want to incorporate tutoring into their long-term career goals.


who seeks self-improvement and guidance is welcome, whatever his or her means.
We offer alternative payment plans for families who can demonstrate financial need.
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are lifelong students first.
Fresh Slate's holiday schedule allow tutors to receive ongoing training, attend conferences, and develop curriculum together.

Joining Our Team

We pride ourselves on the quality of our teachers, in their academic achievements, their abilities as teachers, and their fitness to be role models for our students. Find out more about joining our cadre of tutors.


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