Lesson Schedules

We believe that regular lessons are important to any student’s progress. Aside from holidays marked in our calendar, our tutors meet their students at the scheduled time every week.

Everyone sometimes misses a lesson. When you do, you have a decision to make: You can choose to either forfeit the missed lesson or take a make-up lesson.

Forfeiting a Lesson

At Fresh Slate Tutoring, we believe regular instruction is crucial for building skills. We encourage all students to choose a make-up lesson rather than forfeiting their missed regular lesson. However, we understand that it sometimes doesn’t make sense to force a make-up lesson.

If the following conditions apply, we will assume you are forfeiting your lesson:

  • You fail to show up at your regular lesson with no notice, and your tutor has no written record of your absence before your lesson time. (This is crucial. If your lesson begins today at 3 pm, we need an email timestamped no later than 2:59 pm.)
  • You miss your make-up lesson. (These cannot be rescheduled.)
  • You do not schedule a make-up lesson within one month of missing a lesson.

Making up a Lesson

Make-up lessons do not assign homework or review homework like regular lessons. At a make-up lesson, your tutor offers additional practice for topics covered in your regular lesson, or if such reinforcement is unnecessary, he or she covers topics that expand your current curriculum.

To qualify for a makeup lesson, you must inform your tutor that you want a make-up prior to the date and time of the regular lesson you will miss. You do NOT have to provide 24 hours’ notice or any excuse to qualify. Just let your tutor know you will be unable to attend your scheduled lesson and, at your convenience, schedule the make-up lesson.

To schedule a make-up lesson, you’ll have a full month from the date when you miss a lesson with your tutor. (If you miss a lesson on January 1, you have until February 1 of the same year to make up that lesson). Remember your missed lesson date, for you will be asked for it when you schedule your make-up. You can schedule make-up lessons at your tutor’s make-up lesson link, which is provided for you in your student portal and welcome email.

Leave of Absence

If you plan to miss three or more consecutive lessons, it becomes difficult for your tutor to offer make-up lessons. You may suspend your lessons for up to one month to keep your current rate when you return. You will need to find a new lesson time to preserve your current rate.



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